You spend more than half of your day in office. So it becomes your second home. While some people become your close friends, there are some you just can’ stand. Here are some types of guys every person has in their office.

The boss’ pet

He never says ‘NO’ to the boss. He is more like a lapdog to the boss and will do anything that the boss says.

boss pet employee

The nose poker

The one who interferes in everything and wants to know every news in the office and does not rests until he gets the news.

nose poker in firm

The workaholic

The one who is always working, does not stretches his legs or even takes a pee break. They stay behind their computer screen and never mingles with people. Sometimes you even forget they exist.

 workaholic person in company

Selfie Lover

This one takes pictures with everyone in their office. Takes pictures of their desk and their own picture with their desk . You go out on a team lunch and their camera is ready for a selfie.

Selfie Lovers in companies

Mr. I know everything

The one who thinks he is the best and knows everything. Loves the sound of his own voice and has an opinion for everything. Even that award-winning presentation you made would be better if he’d done it!

overconfident people in organization

The “fraaandship me” guy

He’s the stalker. He wants to be friends with every girl in the office. The one who sent you friend request on Facebook on the very first day of office.He will try to talk to girls in lunch breaks but never succeeds.

chipko persons


The trend setter

There is always a queen bee in the office. You want to know the latest trends, just have a look at them. They are always updated with the latest fashion and follows it too.

style icon in firm

The Helper

You don’t have to ask for their help, they ask everyone if someone needs their help and they are a blessing in the office.

blessings workers

The sifarshi

Those who don’t know a single thing but roam around like a boss. They are never doing anything. Their personal cache of contacts were enough to land them this job. Who cares about the rules when you have got a strong sifarish. Right?

sifarshi in companies

The eye candy

The only reason you don’t mind going to the office.

sexy lady in office