Like other major issues prevailing in Pakistan, unemployment is also the largest one. In Pakistan, the unemployment rate is very high and the major reason is the wastage of resources on the large scale. It results in the decrease in the income of people. The Unemployment Problem in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and due to this, many crimes are taking place. We can see that many people no matter, what the education are idle because they are not getting any job not even the jobs of clerks, in ordinary offices or in schools. The condition of unemployment is leading towards the depressing state and the main reason is the poor education system, which are running under the government.

The parents spend huge amount of money on their children’s education, but the jobs are very rare and prove indefinable in today’s era. Sadly, the government is not taking any action on the unemployment problem in Pakistan because they are very busy in filling their own pockets with the money of the Pakistani people. The causes are infinite, but the major causes of unemployment in Pakistan are given below.

1. Growth Of Population

One of the major and the biggest problems of unemployment in Pakistan is the growth of population. According to the survey, the population of Pakistan is increasing with the rate of 2.2%. The reason behind the massive population is illiteracy, early marriages and also lack of awareness. This problem is very common, especially in rural areas where there are more uneducated people. Government or any other sector cannot provide them jobs.

2. Poor Education System

Everyone knows that the education system in Pakistan is very poor and this is the major reason behind the unemployment problem in Pakistan. We can see that government has failed to take necessary steps to provide the best education system, which cause imbalance in the education system. Many brilliant students have left the study due to too many fees. Moreover, many institutions are just selling degrees to the people, which results in the lack of experience and skills in them.

3. Higher Retirement Age

The retirement age in Pakistan is 60 years, which is very high. Government is directly responsible for the unemployment problem in Pakistan. Due to this factor, the people with less age are in wait of jobs and their higher education are making them exasperated because of no job.

4. Terror Activities In Pakistan

Another reason for unemployment in Pakistan is terror activities like terrorism.  It has made our country, especially the city Karachi very threatening. As Karachi is the main hub of the trade and business in Pakistan, but foreigners are scared to invest there. The main question is if the investors will stop making the investments in Pakistan, how it is possible to create the job opportunities?

5. Scientific Development

The scientific development in Pakistan is very low and it is the greatest cause of unemployment. The slow progress of industrial and economic development are resulting in the less factories and industries. If there will be less or no development, the laborers, workers and qualified people will be unable to get employment.

Solution Of Unemployment Problem In Pakistan

There are many solutions to decrease the unemployment problem in Pakistan like the improvement in the education system. There should be proper planning by the government of Pakistan. Every sector should be developed and job should be given on the merit basis only. Moreover, family planning centers should be opened everywhere to educate the people. In the end, one must say that this unemployment problem should not be ignored as it holds great importance.