Yes, it’s 100% true that Donald Trump Wins America and became the 45th President of United Stated Of America defying all odds. It is a huge victory for him today on Wednesday. This election was having the strong electorate to decide whether to choose the first female president of the USA or to send stubborn tycoon to the White House.

trump defeated hillary

Trump Wins America And It Was An Unexpected Show Down

Donald has won by only 58 votes after leading Ohio, Florida and other major frontlines of the US election 2016. Where everyone was expected that Hillary Clinton, who happens to be the former First Lady of America, former U.S Secretary of State, a lawyer and an activist for women’s rights will win. The irony happened and Trump defeated her. In this strange election, Donald Trump wins America by only 276 electoral votes as compared to the Hillary who won by 218 electoral votes out of a total 538 votes of the electoral college.

US elections 2016 donald trump wins america

The 45th US President Stunned Everyone. It’s a real surprise!

Donald Trump remarks that Hillary Clinton just called him for congratulations. He said that he will be the president for all Americans and he will support every religion. “It is time for us to come together as one united people. Ours was not a campaign but rather a movement. We will get along with all other nations willing to get along with us,” Trump added.

donald trump wins and became new president of America

Breaking News: Canadian Immigration Website Crashes As Americans Look To Leave The Country

The breaking news that Donald Trump has won the elections was not enough for today. We have other news too, where Canadian immigration website crashes because too many Americans are looking to leave America after this election 2016.

americans looking to leave their country

Canada has just changed after the amazing policies adopted by the youngest Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He is famous for his social engagements and the honest dealings. Now, Americans want to run to Canada! As too many Americans want to leave their country, the official immigration website of Canada has crashed. You can easily see a long loading page and no access to that website. It is seriously very strange, that after voting their favorite person, Americans are looking to leave their country.

Canadian Immigration Website Crashes As Americans Looking To Leave The Country

This is the craziest coincidence of the century!