Pakistani drama industry is now creating vibes all over the world and no doubt it’s all because of mesmerizing content, strong storytelling, and talented actors and actresses. Well, we all are in a constant struggle to find out which drama is worth watching and which actor is our most favorite. In the race of brilliant artists of Pakistan, one shouldn’t forget Ushna Shah who is undoubtedly the tremendously entertaining.

Be it her drama ‘Bashar Momin’ or the blockbuster ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’, Ushna has surpassed many actresses. The way she acts and the way she makes her appearance on the screen, she has the potential to influence everyone with her expressions. She is innocent, gorgeous and super talented so it’s time to talk about Ushna Shah dramas list because that is seriously so addictive to watch.

1. Alif Allah Aur Insaan

The drama having different stories connected to each other, Alif Allah Aur Insan shows us love, trust, faith and the relationship of God with humans. There are five different people related to different backgrounds and how their conviction towards their life changes them forever. The drama centered on the concept that how the creator rewards the people who believe in the patience and hard work. There is a landlord Shahzeb (Mikaal Zulfiqar) who falls for Nazneen Malik (Kubra Khan). Similarly, Nazneen is a spoilt child of her rich father and one day she insults some transgenders including Shamu (Imran Ashraf) after which he curses her that one day she’ll lose her fate. There is also Basit (Shehzad Sheikh) happens to be the son of Malik’s most respected servants.

On the other hand, the drama puts the focus on the life of Rani (Ushna Shah), a street beggar forced to beg by her father but always dreams that one day she’ll change her fate because of the beautiful face she has. At last, Nigar Begum (Sana Nawaz) fascinates Rani and shelters her. The drama beautifully focuses on the simple moral; what goes around comes around. No doubt, it is one of the best drama serials of Ushna Shah.

2. Bashar Momin

Bashar Momin is known as the most expensive drama ever made in Pakistan. The story revolves around love, hate, jealousy, romance and suspense starring Ushna Shah, Faisal Qureshi, Sami Khan and Sundas Tariq as leads. Rudaba (Ushna Shah) is engaged to her father’s friend and neighbor Buland Bakhtiar (Sami Khan), who lives in America and works for World Bank. One day, Rudaba and Buland’s father dies in a robbery and Rudaba is forced to live with her brother Adil and his wife.

Adil is a front man for his brother-in-law Bashar (Faisal Qureshi) who is a money launderer and can do anything for her sisters. Everyone’s life takes a turn when Bashar falls in love with Rudaba and plans to marry her sister (whose two engagements have been broken) to Buland.

3. Duaa

Directed by Ali Faizan and penned down by Wasiq Ali, Duaa drama is based on the life of today’s youth who takes any decision fearlessly without thinking how it is going to affect one’s life. Starring Ushna Shah, Junaid Khan, and Daniyal Raheel, the story is all about Javeria (Ushna Shah) who is adorable and lives a poverty-stricken life with her mother. She desperately falls in love with Ashar (Daniyal Raheel) who belongs to a political family and gets married with Javeria without his parents’ consent and lives separately, when his family doesn’t accept Javeria because of her middle-class status. On the other hand, Ashar’s friend Murtaza (Junaid Khan) plans to marry her love Anoushay (Zainab Ahmed).

There comes a turning point when Ashar gets into an extreme fight with Duaa and takes a hasty decision by divorcing her. Later, he feels the guilt and pain on his decision and afterward, he requests his friend Murtaza to do Halala with Duaa in order to get her back in his life. No doubt, this is a must watch drama for everyone!

4. Piya Mann Bhaye

Having an amazing cast, Piya Mann Bhaye is a story of four people, Haniya, Mantasha, Zawaar and Sheher and and how their commitments towards their married life become totally tragedy of rivalry and betrayal. It shows that even real sisters can destroy each other’s life just to attain the dreams.

Ushna Shah was seeing doing everything bitchy in the drama who values money more than relationships and emotions. She can do anything to achieve her materialistic goals. However, Ushna became successful to shine well in front of her fans.

5. Neelum Kinaray

Produced by none other than Momina Duraid, this play was shot in the breathtaking Neelum Valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Starring Ushna Shah, Sumbal Iqbal, Affan Waheed and Gohar Mumtaz in the leads, Neelum Kinaray is all about the story of young girl Sakina (Ushna Shah), raised by her paternal uncle and aunt. Her aunt doesn’t like her, but her son Aijaz (Gohar Mumtaz) always supports Sakina and cares for her in every possible way. Against all the odds, Aijaz manages to marry Sakina and leaves for abroad to better take care of his family.

Here enters Aijaz’s cousin (Sumbal Iqbal) who is interested in Aijaz and starts knitting her cruel plans to create misunderstandings between the married couple. The drama was indeed a treat for all, where traditional Kashmiri attires, amazing houses, beautiful scenery, and astonishing lakes were the center of attraction.

6. Ab Kar Meri Rafugari

Aired on ARY Digital, this drama featured Ushna Shah and Daniyal Raheel in the lead roles. The drama revolves around the love, relationship, trust, and obsession. Taban (Ushna Shah) isn’t allowed to marry outside her family, whereas Jazib (Daniyal Raheel) falls in love with her and makes every possible effort to marry her.

The drama strongly focuses on the society’s taboo of not letting a girl live according to her wishes and where daughters don’t get trust from the family. Ab Kar Meri Rafugari deals with the stigma that ensues a conservative family’s honor when their daughter wishes to marry a guy of his own choice.

7. Hum Tehray Gunahgaar

This drama stars Ushna Shah, Danish Taimoor, Farhan Ali Agha, Jia Ali, Mansha Pasha, Mohsin Gillani, Sara Khan, and Anoushay Abbasi and also aired in India on Zee Zindagi. It’s the story of a successful businessman Zakaria, his cancer-stricken wife Aisha, his kids and two adopted children.

The adopted son of Zakaria falls in love with Malaika and they secretly get married on her father’s insistence. Owing Aisha’s failing health, she takes some serious decisions for her children, which bring major changes in their lives.

8. Ru Baru Ishq Tha

Ru Baru Ishq Tha is one of the most romantic TV serials, features none other than Ushna Shah, Sanam Chaudhry, Ali Abbas, and Danish Taimoor as leads. Ayaan (Sanam) loves Almeer (Danish) where Almeer loves Salwa (Ushna Shah), who belongs to a very conservative family. The story revolves around the complicated relationships, love, hate, violence, and crying. There are two different sets of families where one is controlled by narrow-minded Ayub Khoso and other is living a very peaceful and liberal life headed by Javed Sheikh.

But the story begins to change when Ayyan grows up as an antagonist and can do anything to get her love Almeer. On the other hand, the brother of Ayyan is passionate too to fight for her sister’s happiness. So, what does the future hold for Ayaan Almeer and Salwa? For more updates do watch this drama every Friday at 8:00 pm only on Geo TV.

9. Lashkara

Successfully running on Ary Digital every Tuesday on 8:00 pm, Lashkara is starring Ushna Shah as Bubbly, Imran Ashraf as Sunny and Mohsin Abbas Haider as Feeqa in the lead roles. The drama revolves around a girl Bubbly, who is pretty and so obsessed with her looks and has many admirers. One of her admirers is Feeqa who has suddenly become rich and on the other hand, there’s Sunny who lives in Bubbly’s neighborhood and attempts to learn English in order to impress her.

The play is filled with brilliant performances and it’s surely a treat to one’s eyes where Ushna Shah has managed to make the whole story convincing.

10. Balaa

Watching Bilal Abbas and Ushna Shah together is something beyond beautiful. Directed by Badar Mehmood, Balaa is based on an unconventional story of a person (Ushna) who can’t walk properly and who is insecure about every single thing in her life. Due to her condition, she always manages to make the other person’s life miserable to get her own satisfaction.

Now, she falls in love with her cousin Taimur and sends him a marriage proposal, but he rejects it as he wants to marry the daughter of her mother’s friend. The show revolves around Nigar and her evil deeds to get what she wants using her father. We’re already in awe of this drama and wants you guys too to start watching it asap. Grab your Tv remote and do watch this drama every Monday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital.

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