How many times did it happen to you? You wanted to start doing your homework but then you have a thought: ‘I’ll check the latest notifications on social media and then I’ll start studying’?

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Besides essay writing services, you can use apps to help you study effectively. That’s why in this article, we’d like to offer you a list of applications that can make your life easier and stress-free.

1. Forest: Stay Focused

This application for iOS and Android will allow you to stay more focused on studying and not to give in to your temptations. The idea is the app plants virtual trees that will grow slowly if you can dedicate yourself to studying. The only rule? You will not be able to exit the application, otherwise, your trees will die. Thus, you will not be distracted by various messages on WhatsApp and Instagram!

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2. Productivity Challenge Timer

With this application, you can create projects in relation to the tasks that you need to complete. It’s all manageable through a simple screen that will produce sounds when you try to exit the app. In addition, it takes into account your daily statistics and will encourage you to do more every day. 

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3. ClearLock (for Android Only)

If you get distracted very easily and the social media networks take over you every time you can choose a drastic solution. ClearLock suspends access to any application on your smartphone from a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours. Warning: to stop the block, you must restart your mobile phone.

4. Focus Keeper Free (only for iOS)

This fantastic application will allow you to set study sessions of 25 minutes each. There is a 5-minute break between sessions. Once you complete the fourth session, you can take a break of 20 minutes. It can boost your productivity pretty well.

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5. PhotoMath

Are you stuck with Math problems and equations? PhotoMath will bring you real relief. With PhotoMath you have a real pocket math tutor because it is an app that suggests every numerical solution with the help of a photo. It is called PhotoMath not by chance.

It allows you, in fact, to take a picture of the exercises on your book with your smartphone or tablet, and gives you the solution by explaining all the steps and all the calculations from the beginning of the development to the end. You can use it on both iOS and Android.

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iMatematica Pro

With iMatematica Pro, you will have the whole world of mathematics and geometry at your tablet/smartphone. It is a truly amazing app for studying better, with intuitive but splendid graphics and the calculation potential that make every student happy.

There are more than 1000 formulas, theorems, and definitions. There are more than 100 quizzes that you can practice, and solve equations, systems, matrices, derivatives, and integrals.

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