Let’s welcome winter as a blessing! Winters came as the full fledged season with the changed list of food having a hot soup, extraordinary varieties of nuts and a cup of fine coffee. People wait for the arrival of the winter season in Pakistan not only because of food, but also to enjoy the cold nights. Some just sit in the room wearing a blanket and others visit hill stations for more enjoyment. You can feel rich after having too much varieties of yummy fruits in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, people are so lucky that they can enjoy 4 seasons and different fruits, vegetables and crops the whole year. We can enjoy those fruits in Pakistan, which one cannot enjoy living in other countries. The fruits of the winter season are very rich in nourishment and healthy in taste.

We have collected a list of these yummy fruits for you. Have a look at them!

1. Orange

ambersweet oranges

At the top, we have oranges which are popular among the world for its citrus quality. This fruit is grown in warm winter season and stayed till the March in Pakistan depends upon its cultivation. The flavor of oranges varies from sweet to sour where some people prefer to eat it or some prefer to suck and others love to have its juice.

The oranges have Vitamin C in it which is very healthful for your body and skin and one more thing to notice is its in different sizes located in different areas of Pakistan.

2. Pear

Pears in pakistan

The stay of Pear fruit in Pakistan is from September to December which came in different sizes and in types. They are usually hard to eat and can be used in salads, pudding, cakes and also to make juices. They are very rich in nutrition and fiber and can control blood pressure and cholesterol level.

If you want to get Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C go and enjoy the taste of pears.

3. Grapefruit

grapefruit pakistan

This fruit comes in many varieties came into winter season in Pakistan in December, January and February depend upon the cultivation or stays late till summer. The sour odor and rich in color, has its own naturalness, but many people cannot directly eat grapefruits because of its hard flavor. Containing sulfur very common in different parts of the world.

4. Pomegranate

Pomegranate in pakistan

In Pakistan, pomegranate is available from October to December or January even you can enjoy this fruit after these months in the markets as frozen products. Not in eating, pomegranate can also find as liquid juices which produce Vitamin C. Moreover, the seeds can be used in the salads, sauces and desserts.

5. Persimmon

Japani phal

Looks like a tomato, is the edible fruit available for winters in Pakistan and also innate to America. It is lightweight and having an orange red color typically 0.5 to 4 diameters. It can be eaten without peeling it from outside or some people preferred to eat it with the outer part. Persimmon is one of the blessings of fruits available in Pakistan with very sweet taste. This fruit contains soluble fiber, Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

6. Custard Apple

Yummy Fruits

Known as tropical fruit, available in Pakistan from September to December in various areas. Having a sugary taste, its flesh is usually creamy and white with black seeds under it which cannot be consumed. If you are suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, this custard apple is the best cure for these diseases. The crushed leaves of its plant can be used for the disease like ulcers.

The plant of the custard apple is very useful for a number of diseases and pain which also includes toothache. This fruit is very rich in some minerals like calcium and iron.

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