If you have never bought a house before, today’s round-up is for you. In fact, scrap that, every day is a school day – and this collection of infographics we have put together should reveal at least one new thing to each of you.

Granted, not all of them are from as recently as we would have liked, but they have all hit our inbox at some point over time and today is about revealing the full glory of them to our readership.

The Art of Negotiation

Sure, there’s a huge element of emotion when it comes to buying a home, but at the end of the day a lot comes down to hard and fast cash as well.

This first infographic gets to the bottom of one of the toughest jobs you’ll have to carry out; negotiation. Get it right and you could buy your dream home at a knock-down price, get it wrong and the decision could hurt you for years.

Made by HomeLoanExperts.com

Game of Homes

We couldn’t ignore this next graphic, which plays on the Game of Thrones theme as it presents “Game of Homs”. It covers all of the different steps that you need to take to jump on the housing ladder, right the way from assessing your budget at the very beginning, to moving in at the end.

It has been designed by a UK company and is therefore based on the UK housing market but overall, the rules stay the same.

Made by SellHouseFast.uk

Thinking of moving to a new area? Beware of the demographics.

This next infographic covers a slightly different viewpoint. Rather than focus on the logistics, which is what a lot of the other graphics look at, this is all about using data to choose a home.

In this case, the team behind this infographic has found out all sorts of statistics regarding the elderly and where they reside in the United States. There are some truly eye-opening results, with some cities having a median age of 65+. Take a look for yourself to see what we are talking about:

Made by ADC-FL

What not to do in your quest to buy a new home

So far, we’ve been telling you what you SHOULD be doing as you bid to move home. Well, this next infographic goes against this pattern and instead reveals some of the common mistakes.

These mistakes are purely financial and don’t directly relate to your house hunt in the slightest. Instead, they look at some common lifestyle mistakes, whether it’s buying a new car or anything else that could send your finances into disarray as you bid to get onto the property ladder.

Made by JensenAndCompany.com

And for those of you who are still trying to sell their existing home…

Finally, let’s spare a thought for those of you who are still trying to sell your existing home (even though you may have already agreed to purchase a new one).

As we all know, house chains can wreak havoc with a lot of people, and to ensure that you don’t fall into said category here is an infographic that looks at some of the primary mistakes made by those selling their home. It’s based on a study of estate agents, so the results are completely reliable.

Made by HoodHomesBlog.com