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Zarnish Khan, an emerging name in the showbiz industry, has been an actress since quite a long time. She appeared in the TV show for the first time in Hum TV’s 2014 show “Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi” where she assumed the role of Maliha. Zarnish Khan dramas have gained a reputation throughout these years, probably because of their interesting nature and excellent casting. The young actress does not seem to be coming slow and has starred in over 16 drama serials and she is just 24!

Zarnish Khan has won a Hum Award for Best Soap Actress due to her role in 2015’s Susraal Mera drama serial. She is originally from Karachi but frequently visits Dubai. Zarnish Khan originally started off as a model like many of the young actresses today. Soon, however, she caught the eyes of the show makers and began to start filming in 2014. According to some sources, she has a net worth of about one million US dollars. That is a pretty big amount if you think about her age. One million US dollars roughly convert to about Rs. 156850000. That’s about 15 Crore Rupees in Pakistani denominations.

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Zarnish Khan Top Dramas:

There are a lot of Zarnish Khan hit dramas as she has worked in a number of TV shows. However, only a few can be classed as top among all the dramas made in Pakistan. Since her first drama in 2014, she had not stopped and continued working hard with such a strong dedication that even in 2019, she is still making dramas. Since Zarnish Khan is only 24, it would mean that she made her acted in her first drama when she was only a teenager (18 or 19)!

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Zarnish Khan’s top dramas are named and explained in detail below:

Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi (2014):

Zarnish Khan Dramas

Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi, Zarnish Khan’s first drama, launched in 2014 and used to air on Hum TV every Monday and Tuesday on 9:10 PM. Momina Duraid produced this TV series, like many others in her portfolio. The show starred Armeena Rana Khan, Syed Jibran Ali, Ali Rehman Khan, Sundas Khan, and Laila Zuberi as the main actors while Zainab Qayyum, Zarnish Khan, Nargis Rasheed, and a few others were in the supporting roles. It, like many other Pakistani TV shows, followed a romantic-drama storyline.

This show received a 5.2 TRP rating and topped the charts with it.

Susraal Mera (2014):

Zarnish Khan Dramas

One of Zarnish Khan’s top dramas, for which she won the Hum Award for best soap actress, is Susraal Mera. This drama serial aired in 2014 and finished in 2015 and used to be the prime drama of Hum TV for the time of its airing. The show had a huge cast of famous actors which included Zarnish Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, Umair Lagari, Ahsan Qadir, Imran Aslan, Madiha Hussain Zaidi, Mahjabeen Habib, Maryum Tariq, Rozina, Mehmood Akhter, Myra Sajid, Shaista Jabeen, Ali Asghar Abbas, and Anas Ali Imran. This show represents the domestic issues with our society and culture and highlights the problems and potentially criticizes them. It is a story of two sisters of which one is serious while the other is fun-loving and adventurous.

The show was nominated for three Hum Awards and won all three, namely: Best Soap Actor, Best Soap Actress, and Best Soap Series.

Aye Zindagi (2015):

Zarnish Khan Drama

An epic drama that addresses the issues and judgments related to adoption. The drama “Aye Zindagi” revolves around the issue of people wanting sons more than their daughters. It follows the story of three daughters whose father loves them very much but their mother adopts her nephew and completely disregards her daughters because of her love for the sons.

Sehra Main Safar (2015):

Sehra ma Safr

Another Momina Duraid Production, Sehra Main Safar is a romantic drama directed by Azfar Ali. It was aired on Hum TV for the first time in 2015 on Friday at 9:10 PM. Zarnish Khan, Ali Kazmi, Emmad Irfani, and Anoushey Ashraf are the main cast in the show. The drama was received positively not only in Pakistan but also in the UK. As soon as it was launched, it attracted about 50,000 viewers in the UK and continued to grow more and more. It follows the story of a young household girl who does not wish to do a job and is more household-work-oriented.

Laaj (2016):

Zaranish Khan Laaj Drama

Laaj is a 2016 TV series produced by Momina Duraid which is also a romantic TV series. The main cast of the show includes Iqra Aziz, Kamran Jilani, and Zarnish Khan. In an interview, it was revealed the casting of this show had been done by Sanam Jung, a popular morning show host. It was also revealed that the show has been in the plan for the past 8 years but due to “lack of facilities”, it took this long. The cast had to go through many difficulties as they had to go from Lahore to Muridke daily in order to shoot the drama.

Manchahi (2016):

Man Chahi Drama

The 2016 Geo Entertainment drama Manchahi was produced by Babar Javed and directed by Nadeem Siddiqui. The cast included Zarnish Khan, Faizan Khawaja, and Jahanzeb Khan in the main roles. Zarnish Khan played the role of Momina in this show.

Sun Yaara (2017):

zarnish khan sun yaara

An ARY Digital drama which aired in 2017, Sun Yaara, is a Pakistani romantic-drama TV show which caught the attention of many viewers and was loved by everyone. It was produced by the legendary actor Humayun Saeed and directed by Danish Nawaz. The cast included Junaid Khan, Hira Mani, and Zarnish Khan. It revolves around the story of marriages and love complications between a small number of people.

De Ijazat (2018):

zarnish khan drama

De Ijazat was a 2018 Hum TV drama which aired on from the start of January 2018 to mid-June 2018. The show ran on Mondays and Tuesday every week till it finished. The cast included Zarnish Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqaar in the lead roles. The plot revolves around a middle-class family whose girl gets married into a wealthy family but has problems adjusting to the new environment and struggles to adjust with her newly found family.

Aik Mohabbat Kaafi Hai (2018):

Aik Mohabbat Kaafi Hai, a Pakistani drama revolving around the story of a married couple whose families are against their union., was released in 2018 on BOL Entertainment. The main cast included Zarnish Khan and Affan Waheed. This is one of the most successful drama series on BOL Entertainment. The drama gained a lot of reputation when the teaser was dropped. The reputation skyrocketed even more after the actual release.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb (2019):

zarnish khan ishq zahe naseeb

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is a masterpiece when it comes to TV shows. The way that this drama portrays social issues is absolutely amazing and not only does the general, already-TV-show watching audience loves this series, but also the people who have not watched any TV show are equally interested in this show. It focuses on split personality disorder where the male lead takes control of two roles; Sameer and Sameera. The cast includes Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussain, and Sami Khan as the lead roles. Zarnish Khan and Jinaan Hussain take control of the pivot roles in the show.

Zarnish Khan Other Dramas:

The above list was the top 10 best Zarnish Khan dramas. However, there are a lot of other dramas where Zarnish Khan was cast as but they are not considered to be among the top of the list of dramas. They can be on top if we take some other actor or actress as the integral factor of our filters but in the case of Zarnish Khan, these do not mean as much as the above-mentioned ones did.

Dhol Bajnay Laga (2014):

Dhol Bajnay Laga was aired in the Ramadan of 2014 and was a Ramadan special TV show only. It did not cast Zarnish Khan as a main role but as a support role.

Khuda Na Karay (2014):

ARY Digital’s drama Khuda Na Karay is about a single father left to raise his two daughters all by himself. This drama aired in 2014 and included Zarnish Khan as a support role too.

Khoobsurat (2016):

Khoobsurat aired in 2016 and included the ever-loved Mahnoor Balooch in the main roles apart from Azfar Rehman and Zarnish Khan. This drama was nice and liked by everyone before it was even released properly.

Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi (2017):

Amir Yousuf’s Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi follows the story of a young girl who is engaged to her cousin and, being the sole bread-earner of her own family, has some problems with her engagement. It aired on APlus and included Firdous Jamal, Saba Faisal, Zarnish Khan, Amna Malik, Kamran Jillani, Kashif Mehmood, Arsalan Idrees, Nirwan Nadeem, Afshan Qureshi, Ayesha Khan, and Wageeha Khan as the cast.

Jo Tu Chahay (2019):

A canceled series, Jo Tu Chahay (previously named Kun Faya Kun), was hosted on Hum TV as a Momina Duraid productions. Imran Abbas and Alizeh Shah were the lead roles in this series. The series was canceled after its tenth episode aired and was replaced by Malal-e-Yaar.

CAMEO: Ustani Jee (2018):

Zarnish Khan made a surprise cameo in 2018’s Ustani Jee’s 7th episode. It was nice seeing her in a show that wasn’t even hers.

Upcoming Dramas:

We know that there is one upcoming drama of Zarnish Khan. The details are still unknown, however, we know that it is a Farhat Ishtiaq series. We are as eager as you to find out more details about this show. As soon as they are available, we will be the first one to let you know!