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Zarnish Khan a well-seen model similarly as the performer of Pakistan. The model has earned a huge spot in the business in a concise range with her huge acting aptitudes. She is best known for her show Susraal Mera (2014), That sensation earned her essential endorsement and affirmation. In order to add up in her skills, she won Hum Award for Best Soap Actress at third Hum Awards in 2015. Zarnish isn’t simply causing a gradually expanding influence across over Pakistan similarly as abroad.

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Red Dress:

zarnish in red

The red color in the bright shiny days just like the cherry on top. This plain but dark with the combination of green is simply artistic. The setting of the two colors is always aesthetic. Presenting the idea to use plain red shalwar in normal days with a classic look

Red in western :

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Black Dress:

black dress

Black is the color mixed with any color that makes the combination more attractive. Although black itself is an attractive color in order to mix it with other dark colors it makes an artistic look to a personality. Zarnish wearing sari with blue highlighted multi-shade colors is probably an amazing portrayal of different colors in one row.

Black with Glamour:

zarnish khan in black dress

Stunningly Beautiful Zarnish Khan!

White Dress:

zarnish in morning show

White with Grace:

zarnish khan in white shalwar qameez

White color is pure and it is mostly day time color. The printed plain white shalwar kameez is making her look graceful. Furthermore, the cotton dupatta adding up with light tone makeup is giving her a decent look. Zarnish Khan’s outfits are always fabulous.

Pink Dress:

royal pink look of zarnish

This pink party dress is breath-taking but specifically talking about the jewelry she is wearing over this pink dress is making her look more royal. Not only dress is specifically lavish but the jewelry and the touch of the shawl are a source of mere attraction too. This is her best outfit up till now.

zarnish khan pink dress

Alluring in Pink:

zarnish western shoot

Blue Dress:

zarnish in blue dress

Short shirt and Gharara are the latest trend but choosing the perfect color for the perfect event is the basic art. Zarnish has used blue again with multi-shade dupatta she used with black sari The term of using one thing in different ways is spreading all around. It is not always getting new with new but using old and new together to create a new thing.

Twinkling in Blue:

zarnish in blue shalwar qameez
zarnish smile

Morning Show Dress:

zarnish in morning show

Where everyone is wearing long gowns and dresses, Zarnish chooses a short shirt with sharara. With a combination of maroon with off white giving her alluring look in this outfit.

In a Decent way:

Eid Dress:

eid dress o zarnish

This Eid outfit is although simple but elegant. To illustrate the decency of event both dark with a combination of light is made to experience the latest trend and promoting an elegant sense of dressing. Rather using dark colors and over makeup.

With another Eid Outfit!:

Mehndi Shoot Dress:

zarnish in mehndi dress

Never seen Zarnish Khan in a bridal dress, this picture is giving her mehndi look and is completely stunning all over. Orange, a ravishing color with the theme of yellow flowers and Gota, Kinari work on the dupatta is making the outfit completely outstanding.

Bridal Photoshoot Dress:

zarnish in maroon bidal dress

Zarnish Khan in a wedding dress is all set for her wedding shoot in the upcoming drama. This dress designed by Sana Safinaz is making the bold Zarnish khan look amazingly beautiful.

Punjabi Dress:

punjabi dress
shalwar qameez

Sindhi Dress:

sindhi dress

Balochi Dress:

with sami khan

The traditional style of dresses supporting different types of cultures in Pakistan. The portrayal of different dresses according to different regions is although promoting their cultures.

Western Dress:

yellow shirt zarnish

More of Western Outfits :

Lady with Class:

The Stunner!

Most of the time she tends to choose the western outfit to wear as casual which makes her look easy and comfortable all the time.

Party Dress:

in an event

In a closed mehndi event, Zarnish is wearing a high touch of makeup with extremely beautifully designed jewelry. Choosing a grey color for the event with green contrast is a perfect blend of the event.

Birthday Outfit:

zarnish in retro theme

Birthdays are always special. Therefore to add up spice we make themes within it. Zarnish Khan chooses Reto theme for her birthday highlighting old hairdo, with hairbands and long frocks. The theme made her day special and recall old generations too.

Another One with birthday theme:

black and white

Trendy Photoshoot:

Zarnish Khan Best Dresses


Zarnish a versatile model that follows every trend in dressing style. She is a role model for many of her fans. The inspiring actress is promoting different ideas. Hopefully, she will score more afterward.