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Zubab Rana dramas have been gaining spotlight in the recent years and are appearing among the top dramas in Pakistan. Although the actress started off her dramas in 2017, it is fairly wise to assume that her career would be huge in the upcoming years.

Zubab Rana has been an actress in the Pakistani showbiz industry since the year 2017. Her latest dramas connect with the people and address the modern issues in our society. They also aim to change the mindset of the people from the old stereotypes. Zubab Rana was born in Karachi and attended the IBA University to receive her Bachelor’s degree after which she pursued a career in showbiz. She stepped into the spotlight with her 2017 HUM TV drama “Naseebon Jali”. For this, she received a nomination for Hum Award for Best Soap Actress. If you want to read more about Zubab Rana and Zubab Rana best dramas, you should check this article out.

Zubab Rana Dramas List:

Till now, the list of Zubab Rana dramas consists of only three elements Which you can watch online on Youtube and Dailymotion, the details of which are given below:

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Naseebon Jali (2017):

naseebon jali zubab rana drama

The first TV series on this list is Naseebon Jali. This 2017 Momina Duraid production aired on HUM TV in the weekdays and followed an interesting story of a couple.
Moreover, because of her acting in this TV show, Zubab Rana was nominated for Hum Award for Best Soap Actress.

Mere Khudaya (2018):

mere khudaya zubab rana drama

Zubab Rana’s second drama You should must watch, ‘Mere Khudaya’, was aired on ARY Digital in 2018. She assumed the lead role of the character Aleena in the drama. Zubab Rana played a lead role for the first time in this drama so well that her reputation skyrocketed and soon she was on everyone’s minds. The young actress’ true journey in the showbiz industry started with the airing of this show.
Also, it was because of this drama that Zubab Rana was nominated in Lux Style Awards for Best Emerging Talent. Surely, they must have seen something amazing in Zubab Rana that they offered her such a high nomination.

Bandish (2019):

bandish zubab rana drama

The ARY Digital horror drama “Bandish” was Zubab Rana’s third and last, but not least, drama where she took upon the role of Hania as a lead character and acted so well that the audience was mesmerized with her skill. Zubab’s skills were truly put to a test in this one-of-a-kind show and because she had done exceptionally well, Zubab Rana proved herself to be an amazing actress which could be seeing a bright career ahead of her.

Zubab Rana Upcoming Dramas:

Zubab Rana has done three dramas since 2017 as mentioned above. She only has one drama which is being filmed named “Rishtay Biktay Hain” which will air on HUM TV. Not much about Zubab’s role in this drama is known, but as soon as the information is public, we will be the first one to let you know!